Mian Dui Mian / Face to Face Noodle shop

well, some update to my dying blog…just had lunch today at mian dui mian..this will be my third time eating here and food was great..i just cant help but bring my camera along this time cause well, i would like to share this place with people out there..its pretty famous among university and college students mainly cause of its price and speed of delivery…here are some shots that i hope will certainly make you guys drool.. =P


Kenny Rogers Roasters…

Its the last day of new year and my dad got some left over coupons for Kenny rogers. So we decided not to cook dinner today and just dine out, after all we’re getting 3 sets for the price of 1…haha.. =)

oh yea..Happy New Year guys!!

My First AirAsia Flight

Last week my family sorta decided to have an overseas trip to Bangkok, Thailand and we’ll be flying on AirAsia. This is my first time flying with them and it was somewhat an interesting experience as i am pretty used to flying with Malaysia Airlines.

Well, things to comment on is that the seats does not provide adequate leg room. thank god its just a 2 hour journey. Otherwise, i’ll be suffering.. =(

Anyways, the next few post will be blogging on my trip at Thailand, so Stay tuned.. =)

Ipoh Road Yong Tau Foo

Its been quite a while since i went to this place for food, and like all things in KL price of each piece of Yong Tau Foo has increased. From its original price of rm0.90, it now stands at rm1 for each piece.

The overall quality and efficiency of serving is still there and each piece of yong tau foo is rather huge. Highly recommended place if you’re looking for some good food!

Christmas Show @ Pavilion KL

Met up with Shi Ni after her work at Pavilion on Christmas Eve and i was surprised by the number of people that were there, then i thought something big must be happening and true enough, there were some Christmas Eve event going on and here is what i took…

Last but not least, we must also give credits to the single most important person that make all this possible. Thx dear.

Little Penang Kafe @ Mid Valley…

After watching Avatar at GSC, i drop by this really delicious kafe that serves Malaysian food. Since this is my sister’s 2nd day in Malaysia (since July) we ordered some local food to satisfy her cravings. =)

Chicken Nasi Lemak

Asam Laksa & Chicken Nasi Lemak

Asam Laksa

Christmas Decor @ Mid Valley…

Today brought my DSLR along with my sister to snap some christmas decorations at mid valley…thank god we went there early and the crowd wasn’t a lot…here are some pics taken.. =)